• Install aftermarket radios
  • Install Amplifiers
  • Install Backup Cameras
  • Install Speakers (L,M,H)
  • Install Audio Accessories

  • We use quality connectors
  • Quality gauge wiring
  • Test all things for operation
  • No visible wiring*
  • Servicing Anderson county*

  • We accept Cash
  • We accept PayPal
  • We accept Cash App
  • We accept Debit Cards
  • We accept Credit Cards

Our Available Services

*Simply put, we are here to help you get your car audio installed and operating.  We have the experience and degree in Electronics Engineering backing our work.  We can do the job for you with the highest of expertise.  Call or text us today for a quote! We have 2 options for servicing: 1) You can drop off your vehicle and pick it up when done or 2) We can come to you for a small Mobile Technician Fee.  Also, some wiring may be exposed due to trunk area, etc. but most in cabin installs you will not see any wires.